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Singer 19-18 Naaimachine
Model: 19-18
Datum: 1930
Categorie: Home-elektronica
Groep: Naaimachine
                                    Machine 19-18 makes the lock stitch and is especially
designed for tacking hows, buckles and ornaments on shot's,
after lasting.
The machine has no feeding mechanism. Mach bow or buckle is
securely attached with fourteen overseaming stitches, the
machine being instantly adjusted to make a stitch up to inch
in length. At, the completion of the fourteenth stitch the
machine is automatically stopped by an edicient stop motion
An advantage is afforded by the small diameter of the
cylinder bed ljijinchi '« which permits att aching buckles
or bows to shoes after they have been completed instead of
before the lasting and in addition makes the machine useful
for a large variety of work.
Two presser feet are regularly furnished with (-he machine.
One of these presser feet, 17400, is narrow in shape,
enabling the operator to have an unobstructed view of the
buckle while1 it, is bcin:·; attached. The other presser
foot, 174015, is wider and is furnished blank so that, it,
can be filed to accommodate buckles or other ornaments
beyond the capacity of presser foot 174 00.
As regularly sent, out, the machine is fitted with stitch
ratchet wheel 17-177 for making fourteen stitches to each
tack. For tacks consisting of three stitches, use stitch
ratchet, wheel 22708; for tacks of eight stitches, use1
stitch ratchet wheel 17478, and for tacks of nine stitches,
use stitch ratchet wheel 22707. Any one of these1 will be
furnished, on order, in place of the regular ratchcl wheel
Any of the above ratchet wheels can be supplied in addition
to the ratchet, wheel ordered with the machine, in which
case additional charge will be made for t he extra ratchet,
wheel or wheels.
'Phis machine is also satisfactorily used for tacking
buckles on knickers, vests, boy’s pants, etc.

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