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Singer 11w7 Naaimachine
Model: 11w7
Datum: 1927
Categorie: Home-elektronica
Groep: Naaimachine
                                    Machines llw6 and llw8 are fitted with hand driving
attachment, have a rotary hook and make the lock stitch and
are intended for use in cotton mills for joining the ends of
tape or canvas belts which drive the cotton winders and
twisters on the spinning frames.
The joining of the ends of the belt is done by lapping one
end of the belt over the other and sowing the two ends
together with several short parallel lines of stitching
which are made lengthwise of the belt and uniformly spaced
apart across the width of the belt, as shown in Fig. 11,
page 14.
The machines are fitted with a special belt guide attachment
which is adjustable to accommodatc belts up to 2i" w ide. Ί
lie belt guide is connected with a pivoted lever bv which
tile belt can be moved sideways to make the distance between
the lines of stitching either j'., or r,, inch, as desired.
Jii addition, the machines have a reversible drop feed,
controlled bv a conveniently located hand lexer which
enables the operator to feed the material backward or
forward and thus make the successive parallel rows of
stitches without turning the belt being sewn.
Machine 11w6 is mounted on a small portable truck equipped
with four wheels, two of which are ball bearing swivel
wheels so that the truck can be juickly moved from one place
to another. For convenience in operating the machine, a
stool, which can be adjusted to any height suitable to the
operator, is mounted on the truck. The large compartment
below' the machine is used to carry a supply of new belts
for immediate use. Knee lifter 221826 is provided for
raising or lowering the presser foot.

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