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Radiometer RV36 Analoge multimeter
Model: RV36
Datum: 1968
Categorie: Meetinstrumenten
Groep: Analoge multimeter
                                    The AF Millivoltmeter, type RV36, is a solid-state, line operated, instrument with complete overload protection. Owing to its high measuring-stability, this millivoltmeter is ideal for laboratory and electronic shop work.

Its main features are wide voltage and frequency ranges - from 1 mV to 300 V f.s. and from 20 Hz to 2 MHz, respectively. The input impedance is nominally 2 Mfi at low frequencies in parallel with 30 pF in the millivolt ranges and with 20 pF in the volt ranges.

The AF Millivoltmeter, type RV36,is aiso suitable for use as an Amplifier with an ac
output voltage of 50 mV at full scale deflection on all ranges, and a dc output of 500 mV at full scale deflection on ail ranges.

The mirror-backed merer with its two voltage scales from 0 to 1 and from 0 to 3, and its dB scale from -20 to 4-2 dB (0 dB -• 1 mW in 600 Q), has a knife- edge pointer which combines with fine-scale graduation to give accurate reading, free from parallax. The AF Millivoltmeter, type RV36, reads the rms value of a sine wave, but responds to the average value of the applied voltage.

It is provided with two ordinary banana jacks for connection of an externa! 52-70 V battery .

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