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Non-Linear Systems LM-40A Digitale multimeter
Non-Linear Systems
Model: LM-40A
Datum: 1979
Categorie: Meetinstrumenten
Groep: Digitale multimeter
Beschrijving: Four digit Multimeter
                                    The LM Series Digital multimeter is the finest instrument of
its kind available. With reasonable care and usage it should
provide years of practical and useful voltage, resistance
and current measuring service. Its compact size, rugged
construction low cost and wide measurement capability make
it truly a Volksmeter.

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This manual provides instructions for operation and
maintenance of four different LM Series Digital Multimeters.
Two of these (LM-4A and LM-40A) are four-digit instruments,
one (LM-3.5A ) has three and one-half digits and the Other
(LM-3A) is a three-digit instrument.

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