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Tektronix 11A32 Ander
Model: 11A32
Categorie: Meetinstrumenten
Groep: Ander
Beschrijving: TWO AND FOUR AMPLIFIERS Plugin
                                    The 11A32 and 11A34 Amplifier Plug-In units are virtually
identical to one another except for the number of channels.
The 11A32 is a dual-trace unit, and the 11A34 is a
four-trace unit. The bandwidth of the 11A32 is slightly
higher than that of the 11A34 in each of the four 11000
Series mainframes.
Two built-in four-pole bandwidth limit filters (100 MHz and
20 MHz) may be activated to reduce unwanted high frequency
noise at 24 dB/octave for each channel.
Both coarse and fine deflection factors steps are fully
calibrated. At 1 mV/div, the high resolution calibrated dc
offset has a setability of 25 μν and a range of ± 1 V
(equivalent to 16 bits), giving an effective screen height
of 2000 div and permitting absolute dc measurement
accuracies to ±0.4%.

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