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The PM 6610-series forms a family of four universal frequency coun- ters: 80 MHz, 250 MHz, 520 MHz and 1 GHz plus one 80 MHz coun- ter/timer. All mod

The Radio Test Sets 2965A, 2966A, 2967 and 2968 provide comprehensive measurement systems for all types of mobile radio testing applications. This emb

TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Maximum air displacement : 34 l/sec - Maximum vacuum water column : 280 cm - Power consumptio (IEC) 225V : 1400 W - Dust s

The WAVETEK Model 110 Function Generator and Model 111 Voltage Controlled Generator (VCG) are semi-precision sources of waveforms from servo to vide

PRODUCT INFORMATION - Smartimer Automatically sets the brushing time to 2 minutes. After these 2 minutes the product switches off automatically.