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The Model 1782A Display Scanner provides outputs necessary to drive X-Y recorders so that the waveform displayed on the screen of Model 175A Oscil- l

The POLY-8OO is an eight voice, programmable polyphonic synthesizer designed, among other things, to be battery operated and thus portable, (It weig

The R5001 marine and general purpose receiver is designed for use in a marine main radio station. The receiver has synthesized operation in the freq

RADIO SECTION (FM) Frequency Range: 87.5 MHz – 108 MHz Intermediate frequency: 10.7 MHz (CDC-R30MP) Usable Sensitivity: 12.7 dBf 50 dB Quieting S

Vertical axis has high sensitivity and wide bandwidth and especially covers fully specified frequency response at 2mV/div for all models. CS-1022,