SBE Sideband Engineers Inc. SB 33 Transceiver
SB 33
Single Sideband Transceiver


Sideband Engineers Inc. Model 33, is a single sideband, suppressed carrier Transceiver designed specifically for use on the Phone portions of the 80-, 40-, 20-, and 15-meter amateur radio bands. Operation may be either upper or lower sideband, selection being made through a front panel control. Transmission is on the exact carrier frequency being received, and there is no carrier shift in changing from upper to lower sideband operation. Peak effective power output exceeds 70 watts on 80-, 40-, and 20-meters, and 50 watts on 15-meters. The Transceiver is self-contained-only a microphone and an Antenna are required for operation from a nominal 117-volt a-c power source. Operation is possible from a mobile or portable source through use of a transistorized d-c to a-c inverter which is available as an accessory. Provisions-have been made for the addition of a VOX-audio compression unit which is also available as an accessory. Basic circuitry of the SB-33 is solid-state. Transistors are utilized in all low-level stages, vacuum tubes are used in only the Transmitter driver and power Amplifier stages. The use of bilateral Amplifier and mixer stages which amplify in one direction in transmit and in the other direction in receive, permits use of a single bandpass circuit train. Duplication of circuitry is eliminated, and performance is optimized through use of common circuit elements in both receive and transmit modes. A unique bandswitching and exciter tuning control allows both functions through a single front-panel control knob. Other controls and adjustments are held to a minimum. Stability and selectivity are exceptionally high. The design is such that the few heat producing components are isolated from the frequency determining elements. All voltages to the low-level stages are regulated and the VFO is temperature compensated. Selectivity of 2.1 kc at 6 db is achieved on both transmit and receive through use of a COLLINS mechanical filter. The entire one-package installation is less than one-half cubic foot, weighs approximately 15 pounds, and is entirely self-contained, including Power Supply and speaker. Because of the revolutionary new circuitry, (patents pending), and unique design, you have the smallest, best performing SSB Transceiver available today at any price.

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