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Tektronix - AWG2005 - Generatore


The AWG2005 is a portable arbitrary waveform generator equipped with two output channels and capable of generating both arbitrary and standard function waveforms. This arbitrary waveform generator provides these major features: ■ custom waveforms for simulation and testing ■ waveforms that can not be generated with function generators As an arbitrary waveform generator, this instrument has a highest clock frequency of 20 MHz, an independent 64K-word, 12-bit internal memory for each channel, and an output amplitude to 10 Vp-p (into 50 W). It can also generate a one-bit marker output which can be placed anywhere within the 64K location memory corresponding to each arbitrary output channel. There are several options available for the AWG2005, including four-channel output, clock sweep, digital data output, and FFT and convolution waveform editor. These options allow the AWG2005 to handle a wide range of applications. This instrument has four editors for making waveform files. Each editor is equipped with a variety of editing functions, as described below. 1. Waveform Editor - creates waveform data. This editor can display its data in three formats: graphical, table, and timing, and the data can be edited in the format appropriate for the application. Furthermore, the waveform editor can edit up to three waveform files at the same time, thus easing the creation of related waveform files. 2. Sequence Editor - creates sequences of waveforms by combining waveform files created with the waveform editor. 3. Equation Editor - creates files with equations and compiles them into waveform files. 4. Autostep Editor - programs waveform files, including output conditions for each channel, in steps. An FFT editor and a convolution waveform editor are provided with AWG2005 units that include Option 09. These editors support frequency domain editing and waveform convolution calculations. Similarly, a clock sweep editor is provided for Option 05. This editor allows the simple realization not only of linear and log sweeps, but also of arbitrary sweeps. As a function generator, this instrument can generate sine waves, triangle waves, square waves, ramp waves, and pulse waves. It can set the frequency, amplitude, offset, polarity, and other factors for each of these waveforms, independently for each channel. The AWG2005 has a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive and non-volatile memory for storing created waveform data and parameter settings. Each of these storage devices can store the files created with the editors. You control this instrument by way of its front panel hierarchical menu display system or its rear panel GPIB or RS-232-C interfaces. Waveforms can be transferred directly through the GPIB interface from a digital storage oscilloscope. Such direct waveform transfers allow for many types of applications with other measurement equipment and computers. Supported equipment includes our major digital storage oscilloscopes as well as the digital storage oscilloscopes of other leading manufacturers.

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