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Kurzweil Music Systems - K2000R - Sintetizzatore


K2000R FEATURES The Kurzweil K2000R offers the same powerful features as the K2000 including: • Convenient 3-space rack module • 240 x 64-pixel backlit graphic display with adjustable contrast • 3.5-inch floppy disk drive, for DD or HD disks, DOS compatible • MIDI In, Thru, and Out • MIDI LED to indicate MIDI activity • 24-note polyphony wiht dynamic voice allocation • Multi-timbral, for multi-track sequencing and recording • 199 factory preset programs, and 100 factory preset setups • Up to 3 layers per program, up to 32 layers for programs on drum channel • Receives mono (channel) pressure and poly (key) pressure • 3-zone setups transmit on 3 MIDI channels with independent programmable controls • 15,000 note scratchpad sequencer for recording from keyboard or via MIDI; loads and plays MIDI Type 0 sequences • Easy-to-use programming interface including soft buttons, Alpha Wheel, and alphanumeric pad • 20KHZ maximum bandwidth • Stereo sample playback capability Programmable stereo multi-effects on MIX outputs, including simultaneous reverb, chorus, delay, flanging, EQ...and more • Realtime internal and MIDI control of effects parameters • Kurzweil's proprietary VAST™ (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology) system • 31 sound shaping algorithms • Three programmable DSP functions for each voice • 8 Megabytes of ROM (16-bit) samples • Built-in 3.5" floppy drive (HD/DD) • Two SCSI buses, for connection with external SCSI disks, CD-ROM, or Macintosh computers. • Ten analog outputs, including four stereo pairs and a stereo master pair • Internal ROM expansion capability to 24 Megabytes • Two 8 Megabyte ROM sound blocks (ROM-1, ROM-2) can be purchased and installed separately • Sampling Option Kit (DSMP-R), which allows for user sampling via analog, digital or optical inputs • AES-EBU and SPDIF digital ins and outs are offered; the version 2.0 software* included with this kit provides extensive sample editing and audio processing capabilities • Sample RAM can be expanded via four standard SIMM memory modules (up to 64 Megabytes) • Program/Sequence memory expansion option (DP-RAM) expands battery backed memory from 12OK to 760K • CD-ROM compatible with Sony and Toshiba drives • Capacity for an optional internal hard drive (up to 240 Megabytes or more) • Standard equipped with version 1.27 software, allowing the user to port over stereo samples via the SCSI bus (SMDI protocol) using Passport's Alchemy™ or through sample dump over MIDI • Reads sample data from Akai S1000 HD disks

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