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Fluke - 5100 - Calibratore


1-2. The microprocessor controlled 5100 Series Calibrator outputs are programmable from the front panel or through an optional remote interface, through a wide range of DC voltages and current; AC voltages, current and dBm; and resistance. Connections on the front panel include terminals for output, sense, voltage guard and current guard. A chassis binding post is available on the rear panel. Available on the front panel is a dedicated BNC output connector for use with the Wideband Option Ό3 which extends the frequency range of the instrument. The connector is installed in all instruments, allowing addition of the option at some later date, if desired. 1-3. The output can be modified using the Front Panel Error Mode controls or through an optional remote interface. This allows the operator, in all outputs except frequency, to modify the output and read the deviation from the base in percentage or digits on the front pane! or the remote device. Frequency can be modified to step through the entire range of the meter under test with minimum amount of reprogramming by the operator. 1-4. The 5100 Series has three models of calibrators. The basic model is the 5! 00A which has all the features listed above. The Model 5101A has all the features of the 5100A plus an integral storage system consisting of a memory and tape cassette which allows the operator to enter or record a program to step the calibrator through a predetermined sequence. The 5102A is electronically identical to the 5100A with the addition of an environmental element-resistant fiberglass case plus all position relays for operation at any angle. This permits safer and easier transport plus the ability to operate in any position. 1-5. Data (Paragraphs, Tables or Figures) pertaining to only a portion of the series, and not the entire series, are marked by following the title of the applicable item with a descriptive notation enclosed in parentheses. Instruments containing a storage memory and tape system, e.g., 5101 A, are identified by the notation (Storage Only). Those with the element resistant case, e.g., 5102A, are identified by the notation (Fiberglass Case Only). 1-6, BASIC CALIBRATOR 1-7. Series Common Features 1-8. All models of the Calibrator can provide dc voltage outputs from 0 to 1)00 volts on six ranges with resolutions ranging from 0.1 microvolts to 10 millivolts. Direct current outputs are available from 10 microamps to 2 amps on five ranges with resolution between 1 nanoamp and 10 microamps. 1-9. AC voltage outputs between 1 millivolt and 1100 volts are available at 400 hertz. The maximum voltage available varies with the frequency around the 400 hertz base, reaching a 20 volt maximum between 20 and 50 kHz, Six ranges are available for ac voltage outputs with resolution varying from 0.1 microvolt to 10 millivolts. Five alternating current ranges control output from 10 microamps to 2 amps at frequencies of 50 Hz to 1 kHz, with resolution between 1 nanoamp and 10 milliamps. I-10. Resistance outputs at the cardinal values from 1 ohm to 10 Megohm are available. The outputs from 1 ohm to 10 kiiohm have a four terminal measurement capability. The 100 kiiohm, 1 Megohm and (0 Megohm outputs use two terminal measurements with the OUTPUT HI and SENSE HI, and the OUTPUT LO and SENSE LO terminals, respectively, connected internally. Ml. Modification of the output to measure the devia- deviation in a percent of error figure is displayed for each change of the output from the base. The frequency may be altered for AC outputs to cover a range of frequencies; however, there is no percent of error display. The modifications can be programmed from either the Front Panel or a Remote Source.

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