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Panasonic TC-32LX20 TV
Modello: TC-32LX20
Categoria: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Gruppo: TV
Descrizione: LCD High Definition TV

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This technical guide was prepared with the following
objectives in mind:
• Provide the servicer with a brief overview of the
 concepts of operation for new circuits employed in
 this line of models
• Provide drawings with emphasis on the signal path
 to simplify the task of signal tracing and to locate
 the cause of a defect
• Furnish troubleshooting procedures that contribute
 to a expeditious repair of the product
• Provide examples of typical problems that may have
 occurred in similar types of circuits
• Provide updated information about changes reflected
 in the newer versions of LCD High Definition TVs.
 The TC-22LR30 LCD TV /DVD Ram combo is basically
 a TC-26/32LX20 model with the addition of a DVD Ram.

The DVD recorder that has been incorporated in the
LCD TV High Definition Combo unit is basically the
same as that of the DMR-E65.The equipment used for
servicing the DMR-E65 is same as the one used for
servicing this model’s DVD-RAM Drive .The only difference
is that the DVD recorder (DMR) has been downsized
to a physically smaller drive.

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