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Allen & Heath Saber Amplificatore
Allen & Heath
Modello: Saber
Data: 1989
Categoria: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Gruppo: Amplificatore
Descrizione: Modular Sound Mixing Consoles
                                    The latest Saber builds on the unique success of the
original Saber series launched in 198B. Although the highly
successful visual design has been retained there are many
advances and added facilities beneath Saber's quality finish.

Saber is for 16 and 24 track recording studios and for live
sound, both Installed and touring. The new matrix module
further enhances Sabers claim as a leading PA console, while
significant improvements in sound transparency further
enhance its role In the digital multitrack studio.

The fully modular range is designed to allow maximum
flexibility now and in the future.

Every Saber is complete with a user friendly MIDI based mute
automation system,


■	MIDI mute processor providing independent control of
individual mules as well as "scene change" memories.

■	Four frame sizes and choice of VU or Bargraph meterbridge
on recording consoles.

■ Three signal sources per fader: mic/tape/ line for
channels, group/tape/line for monitors. Up to 56 inputs and
4 returns for mixdown.

■	Patch bay option for large frame recording console.

■	Unigue checking system providing PFL and Solo In Place as
set by master status switch.

■	Mic; line, tape, inputs and mono, stereo and group outputs
electronically balanced.

■	Console stand included on recording formals, optional for PA,

■	Ergonomic control layout with EQ close lo hand.

■ Four band TV Multimedia">Equalizer with two swept, overlapping mid
freguency controls plus switchable shelf high and low
frequency controls.

■	Low cut Filter selectable independently of the TV Multimedia">Equalizer.

■ Industry standard high quality amplifiers and lOOmm Alps

■ Direct interface to two separate intercom systems on PA
monitor module.

■	Provision for 12V gooseneck lamps on PA formats.

■	24 track monitoring now available by specifying four of
the recently introduced IV1335 modules plus 24 track
metering. Outputs 1-0 are repeated on XLRs for connection to
tracks 17-24.

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This manual contains technical information for purposes of
adjustment, fault diagnosis, fault repair, and
identification of replacement spare parts.

The contents apply to Saber RECORDING and Saber PA versions
of the finished product.

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