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Philips Medical Systems IntelliVue D80 Sistema di monitoraggio
Philips Medical Systems
Modello: IntelliVue D80
Categoria: Attrezzature mediche e biomediche
Gruppo: Sistema di monitoraggio
Descrizione: Patient Monitor
                                    Introducing the IntelliVue Family

The Philips IntelliVue family of patient monitors offers a
monitoring solution optimized for the surgical, cardiac,
medical and neonatal care environments. Combining patient
surveillance and data management, it allows
multi-measurement monitoring by linking separate modules
with “plug-and-play” convenience.

Your monitor stores data in trend, event, and calculation
databases. You can see tabular trends (vital
signs) and document them on a local or remote Printer. You
can view measurement trend graphs, with
up to three measurements combined in each graph, to help you
identify changes in the patient’s
physiological condition. You can view fast-changing
measurement trends with beat to beat resolution
and see up to four high resolution trend segments. Event
surveillance enhances documentation and
review of physiologically significant events by
automatically detecting and storing up to 50 user-
defined clinical events over a 24 hour period.
There is a choice of monitor configurations, as explained
below. All models can also use computer
devices such as a mouse, a trackball and a keyboard.

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This Service Guide contains technical details for the
IntelliVue MP80/90 Patient Monitor, the Multi-Measurement
Module (MMS), the IntelliVue X2, the Flexible Module Rack
(FMS) and the Measurement Server Extensions.
This guide provides a technical foundation to support
effective troubleshooting and repair. It is not a
comprehensive, in-depth explanation of the product
architecture or technical implementation. It offers enough
information on the functions and operations of the
monitoring systems so that engineers who repair them are
better able to understand how they work.
It covers the physiological measurements that the products
provide, the Measurement Server that acquires those
measurements, and the Monitoring System that displays them.

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