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Micro Medical Limited Smoke Check Spirometro
Micro Medical Limited
Modello: Smoke Check
Data: 2000
Categoria: Attrezzature mediche e biomediche
Gruppo: Spirometro
                                    The Micro Medical Smoke Check consists of a hand held 
microcomputer unit incorporating a CO sensor and is supplied
with a mouthpiece adapter with integral one way valve and
flow restrictor together with disposable cardboard mouthpieces.
The microcomputer unit is powered by a single alkaline PP3
battery and is supplied with a reducing connector and rod
for calibration.

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Data: 01 settembre 2000
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Safety Precaution
Important safeguards
Looking after your Smoke Check
Before you begin
Smoke Check system overview
CO sensor
Smoke Check exploded view
Disassembling the Smoke Check
meter for servicing
Replacing the fuel cell
Reassembling the Smoke Check
Calibrating the Smoke Check
Circuit description
Power supply
Fuel cell amplifier circuit
Reset circuit
Oscillator circuit
Indicator lights
Calibration switch
Technical support
Parts List
Circuit Diagram

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