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Racal Dana 5900 Multimetro digitale
Racal Dana
Modello: 5900
Data: 1978
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Multimetro digitale

1.2	The Model 5900 Digital multimeter is a five-decade
instrument with a sixth digit providing 60% overrange. The
basic instrument is equipped for dc and dc/dc ratio
measurements on five ranges. With the addition of the
optional AC Converter, a*c and ac/dc ratio measurements on
four ranges are available. The Ohms Converter, also
optional, adds ohms measurements on eight ranges. 

1.3	Range can be selected manually or automatically
(autorange). In AUTO range, the proper range for a
particular measurement is selected automatically (full scale
is defined as “100000” on any range). The instrument
“up-ranges” at 160% of full scale and “downranges” at 15% of
full scale. Polarity selection is also automatic and is
displayed on the readout.

1.4	Two operating modes are provided. In Hold mode (RATE
control on EXT), a measurement is held (displayed)
until a single reading is commanded by an external command.
The new measurement is then held until the next external
command. In Periodic mode (RATE control CW), measurements
are made automatically at the rate of approximately four per

1.5	The basic Model 5900 includes an analog output voltage
that is proportional to the parameter being measured (except
ratio). The voltage, at 20 volts maximum, is available at a
rear panel connector.

1.6	Also included as standard equipment is a solid-state
isolated BCD output. TTL-compatible output levels of the
reading, function, range, etc., plus a print command are
provided. An additional line enables a new reading to be
commanded externally. An optional isolated remote
programming unit (Model 42) allows all operating commands to
be made externally.


1.8	All optional Accessories having model numbers are
Plug-In circuit boards that may be added at any time. A
calibrated accessory board can be installed without
affecting the d-c calibration of the basic instrument. An
instrument shipped without PCB Accessories will not be
equipped with a Function Switching PCB assembly (Accessory
Card, Option 12). This board must be added when accessory
boards are installed. Analog Accessories are identified in
table 1.1.

1.9	Model 42 Remote Programming.

1.10	The Model 42 Remote Programming accessory allows the
selection of function, range, filter, read command, etc., to
be made externally. Auto range selection is also provided
and appropriate timeouts are generated internally when
ranging takes place. Remote Programming “overrides” all
manual control settings to prevent erratic selections.
Complete isolation of the programming unit is achieved by
the use of photo-couplers and pulse transformers.

1.11	Rear Input Options (-1, -1B, -1S, -1SB).

1.12	Two rear input options are available for the Model 5900
DMM. The option designated -1 or -IB consists of connector
J204 on the back panel with input lines ± INPUT, ± CURRENT,
and GUARD wired in parallel with the front panel input
terminals; the option designated -IS or -1SB is the same as
the -1 or - IB except that the front or rear inputs are
selectable by a switch on the front panel.

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