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Tektronix Type W Converter
Modello: Type W
Data: 1964
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Converter
Descrizione: High-Gain Differential Comparator
                                    The Type W Plug-In Unit is a high-gain calibrated
differential comparator designed for use in all Tektronix
Type 530-, 540-, 550-, and 580-Series Oscilloscopes and
their rackmount equivalents. The W Unit can also be used in
conjunction with other oscilloscopes and devices through use
of the Tektronix Types 127, 132, or 133 Plug-In power
supplies. The primary operating modes for the unit are: (1)
conventional Plug-In preamplifier, (2) differential input
preamplifier, or (3) differential comparator.

Passband of the W Unit depends upon the Oscilloscope used
with the unit (see Table 1-1). When the unit is used with a
Type 540-Series Oscilloscope at a sensitivity of 1 mv/ cm,
the maximum passband capability is dc to 8 me, increasing to
dc to 23 me at 50 mv/cm.

As a differential input preamplifier, the dynamic range of
the W Unit permits common-mode signals up to ±15 volts in
amplitude to be applied to the Amplifier without
attenuation. With a rejection ratio of about 20,000 to 1 for
dc or low-frequency signals, small signals of 1 mv or less
on large common-mode signals can be measured. Common-mode
signals which exceed the dynamic range of the W Unit can be
attenuated before being applied to the Amplifier by means of
an input attenuator.

As a differential comparator, voltage measurements using the
slide-back technique can be made with this unit. The high
accuracy and stability of the dc comparison voltage added
differentially to the input signal makes precise voltage
measurements possible. Using this mode of operation, the W
Unit has an effective screen height of ±11,000 cm. This is
equivalent to a ±11-volt dynamic signal range at a maximum
sensitivity of 1 mv/cm. Within this range, calibrated ±dc
comparison voltages can be added differentially to the input
signal to permit a maximum of about 0.001 % or 100 /iv per
mm to be resolved.

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Section 1	Characteristics

Section 2	Operating Instructions

Section 3	Circuit Description

Section 4	Maintenance

Section 5	Calibration

Section 6	Parts List and Diagrams

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