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Tektronix DC 505 Contatore
Modello: DC 505
Data: 1974
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Contatore
Descrizione: Universal Counter/Timer
                                    The DC 505 Universal Counter/Timer has seven measurement
functions: frequency counting, finding frequency ratios,
period timing, interval timing, width timing, electronic
event counting, and manual event counting.

The DC 505 has two input channels (A & B), each having bnc
inputs and separate triggering level, attenuators, and
coupling mode controls. Both input channels have the same
225 MHz capability. Seven-segment light-emitting diode
arrays (しED.s) provide a seven-digit visual numerical
display. The decimal point is automatically positioned and
the leading zeros (to the left of the most significant digit
or decimal point) are blanked. Digit overflow is indicated
by a flashing display.

Signals to be counted/timed can be applied to either or both
channel A or channel B front-panel bnc connector or
to the rear Interface connector. The DC 505 is designed to
operate in a TM 500-Series Power Module.

The DC 505 can be ordered equipped with a
temperature-compensated, 5 MHz crystal Oscillator to obtain
a highly stable and precise internal time base. This option
includes a divide-by-five IC Counter to produce the 1 MHz clock.

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