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Tektronix 067-0596-00 CALIBRATION FIXTURE Calibratore
Modello: 067-0596-00 CALIBRATION FIXTURE
Data: 1969
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Calibratore
Descrizione: Chopped Voltage Reference
                                    The Chopped Voltage Reference provides two precise voltages
for differential amplitude measurements. This calibration
fixture is specifically designed for use with the Tektronix
Type 1A5 Differential Amplifier in measuring television
waveform amplitudes.

The output waveform is derived by mechanically switching
between the two precision voltage sources. Using chopped
voltages instead of a fixed DC level eliminates long-term
level shifts in differential amplifiers usually caused by
junction temperature changes.

Because of loading effects of external circuits connected to
the Chopped Voltage Reference Output, corrections will have
to be used to determine the actual settings of VOLTS or V2
VOLTS dials for the desired output voltages. The table,
Section 10, corrects for 1 megohm loading.

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Characteristics Electrical Power Requirements Environmental
Physical Mechanical

Function of Controls and Connectors Operating Conditions

Operating Instructions

Circuit Description


General Information Calibration

Schematic Diagrams

Electrical Parts List

Mechanical Parts List

Mechanical Parts List Illustrations

Tables — Amplitude Corrections for 1 Megohm Loading

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