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Amp Supply LA-1000-NT Amplificatore
Amp Supply
Modello: LA-1000-NT
Data: 1984
Categoria: Radio Comunicazione
Gruppo: Amplificatore
Descrizione: 1200 Watt No-Tune Amplifier
                                    The LÀ-1000-NT is a self-contained, high frequency linear
power Amplifier capable of operation at 1200 watts PEP
sideband and up to 1000 watts CW input power. The bandswitch
positions provide NO-TUNE-UP operation on 160 through 10
meter amateur bands. The LA-1000-NT is capable of high speed
break-in CW (QSK) when used with a QSK Transceiver. The
LA-1000-NT also incorporates a feature permitting
optimization of efficiency in either the CW or SSB subband
on 160 and SO meters. The LA-1000-NT can be manually tuned
internally to cover just about any portion of the spectrum
from 1.8-30 MHz.

FREQUENCY COVERAGE: Amateur bands 1.8-1.9, 3.5-4.0, 7.0-7.3,
14.0-14.350, 21.0-21.450, 28.0-29.5 MHz using factory preset
circuitry. The owner may adjust these settings to optimum
efficiency in any of these ranges.

SUBBAND SELECTION: Panel switch selects optimum no-tune-up
arrangement for either CW or SSB operation on 160 and 80 meters.

POWER INPUT: Up to 1200 watts PEP/SSB, and up to 1000 watts CW.

TYPICAL EFFICIENCY: 60-72 X depending on load, frequency, drive
DRIVE POWER: 100-140 watts PEP for rated input.

DISTORTION: Third order IM more than 31 dB below PEP output.

HARMONICS: Substantially better than FCC requirements;
typically -45 dB or better.

CW BREAK-IN: High speed QSK capability when used with a
suitable QSK Transceiver.

TUBE COMPLIMENT: Four 6MJ6 heavy duty penthodes, with drive
applied to the first grid and cathode—termed super drive.

COOLING: Full-cabinet ducted forced air. Air is drawn in the
bottom front and exhausted out the rear back.

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