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Kikusui Electronics Corporation PAN160-3.5 Alimentazione
Kikusui Electronics Corporation
Modello: PAN160-3.5
Data: 1998
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Alimentazione
Descrizione: Regulated DC Power Supply
                                    Introduction of the products

The PAN series is an automatic constant voltage/constant
current shifting regulated DC Power supply equipped with the
phase control pre-regulator. A series regulator system is
used to assure low-noise and stable output.

The PAN series are featured with the following points.

•	The two distinctly visible LED display units on the front
panel display output voltage, output current and various
preset data.

•	The output control potentiometer (for voltage and current
presetting) is of a 10-turns wire-wound design, and allows
precise setting.

•	Electronic switch for low chattering and noise is used to
turn on and off the power output.

•	Using external voltage or external resistor, output
voltage and current can be remote-controlled. With the GPIB
Interface available with our PIA3200, an automatic testing
system can be formed.

•	The phase control pre-regulator is furnished with a choke
input smoothing circuit, which decreases apparent input
power and suppresses harmonic components in the input
current. Therefore, potential effects on the power line,
such as input voltage distortion, are decreased.

•	High-speed transient response of 50 j± s allows it to
follow a sudden load change.
•	Carefully selected parts, improved circuit, and forced air
cooling heat dissipation combine to produce an excellent low
temperature drift of 100 ppm/°C (constant voltage

•	To protect a load from unexpectedly excessive voltage, the
unit includes a built-in OVP (over-voltage protection)
circuit capable of handling voltages 10-110% of the rated
output voltage.

With the above-mentioned features, PAN series units offers a
wide range of applications to laboratory experimental
equipment, test equipment for mass-production lines, power
supply for aging, etc.

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This manual is arranged as follows. An outline of each
chapter is given below.


Describes all the models covered by this manual, as well as
outlines the features of each model.

Chapter 1 Setup

Describes the necessary procedure from unpacking to
preparation before use. Since details on installation
location and Power supply are provided, be sure to read this
chapter before using the unit for the first time.

Chapter 2 Basic Operation

Describes the unit's start-up function, protection circuit,
and the basic operations managed from the front panel of the

Chapter 3 Applied Operation

Explains the remote control of the unit, and use of multiple
number of Power supply in combination to increase output

Chapter 4 Names and Functions of Controls

Provides an outline of the switches and terminals on the
panels, including their names and functions.

Read this chapter to learn the meanings of the ZLcaution
marks indicated on thé panels of the unit.

Chapter 5 Maintenance

Describes the daily inspection procedures and the
calibration conducted when necessary. To remote-control the
unit, such calibration is necessary. Follow the calibration
procedures detailed in this chapter.

Chapter 6 Specifications

Describes the electrical, mechanical and general
specifications of the unit.

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