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Schaffner NSG 650 Generatore
Modello: NSG 650
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Generatore
                                    Principle of operation

The widespread acceptance of personal computers and the
reasonable price of the equipment makes it Realistic to
create test equipment for laboratory and production purposes
that are simply user-interfaces to such PCs.

In so doing, the power of a local computer such as that for
calculation purposes, program and data storage, file
handling, application-orientated screen presentations,
print-outs of protocols and lists, networking and
communications possibilities with other parts of the plant,
etc. can be made available to a test rig and its operation.

Such a concept demands that the test equipment itself
incorporates the necessary processor intelligence in order
to be able to carry out all the specific tasks and real-time
procedures and to be able to understand the PC Software as
an integral part of the product.

The NSG 650 Generator contains a high performance
microprocessor as the controlling element. This controls and
monitors all the functions of the instrument, regulates the
time-dependent generation of the pulses, secures and checks
the statuses of switching elements, collects the results of
the measurements taken and constantly monitors the safety
elements in the test set-up. In addition, the microprocessor
handles the communications through the computer port
together with other inputs and outputs as well as checking
all the entries for validity and plausibility.

As can be seen from the block diagram, the energy part of
the instrument is made up of several sub-systems as
described below.

A mains-driven power unit supplies both the control section
and the high voltage Generator with stabilised dc.

The zero-crossing detector produces reference signals so
that the pulses can be superimposed on the mains supply to
the EUT at the programmed phase angle.

Safety circuits combine and interlock the status signals
from the key-switch, the microprocessor, coupler and
external protective gear to ensure that the demand for
'safety first' is met under all operating situations and
abnormal conditions,

The high voltage supply charges the capacitors in the
discharge network to the required voltage and then ensures
that a constant charge is maintained until a pulse is triggered.

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Introduction ... 1

2	Safety
considerations ... 2

3	Concept of the
instrument ... 4

3.1	Block
diagram ... 4

3.2	Principle of
operation ... 5

3.3	Operating elements and
connections ... 7

4	Operating
concept ... 11

4.1	NSG 650
PC-program ... 11

4.2	Hardware
requirement ... 12

4.3	Training
software ... 15

4.4	Operating
software ... 15

Installation ... 16

4.6	General operation
 ... 18

4.7	Menus
 ... 20

Structure ... 20

Diagnostics ... 21

Parameters ... 22

Journal ... 29

Test ... 31

4.7.6	File
handling ... 32

5	Measurement
technique ... 35

General ... 35

5.2	Peakvaiue
measurement ... 35

5.3	Measurement
monitor ... 36

5.4	Phase
angle ... 38

6	Operation
 ... 39

Installation ... 39

6.2	Operation
 ... 39

6.3	Tests
 ... 40

6.3.1	Component
tests ... 40

6.3.2	With coupling network CDN
110 ... 41

6.3.3	With coupling network CDN
116 ... 42

6.3.4	With other coupling
arrangements ... 42

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