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Telecom Analysis Systems, Inc. TAS 4600A Altro
Telecom Analysis Systems, Inc.
Modello: TAS 4600A
Data: 1998
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Altro
Descrizione: Noise and Interference Emulator
                                    The TAS 4600A Noise & Interference Emulator provides a
convenient, thorough approach for testing RF communications
equipment by emulating the co-channel and adjacent channel
interference present in wideband communications systems. The
TAS 4600A allows thorough testing in a laboratory setting
and drastically reduces the time required for product tests.
By providing precise carrier to noise (C/N) and carrier to
interference (C/I) conditions, the TAS 4600A can be used to
test a wide range of wireless voice and data communication
equipment, including cellular telephones, cellular modems,
personal communication terminals, wireless LANs, pagers, and
wireless network equipment,
TAS 4600A provides advanced testing features to address a
wide range of RF communications technologies. The 4600A
delivers these features in a modular format, so your test
system can evolve to meet your testing needs for years to
come. The TAS 4600A has the following modular features:
• Plug-In RF Channel Modules
• Plug-In CW Interference Module
• Plug-In RF Power Meter
• Plug-In System Software PCMCIA Card
A single TAS 4600A emulates up to two independent wide
bandwidth RF channels, each with independent additive
interference, see Figure 1-1. A wide range of C/N, Eb/N0t
and C/I characteristics can be programmed for each channel.
In addition, the 4600A allows the output power of each RF
channel to be directly programmed over a wide dynamic range
to allow testing at very low carrier levels.

Product Highlights
TAS 4600A provides powerful features and a level of
integration that are unique
for an instrument of this type. These include:
• Wideband noise & interference emulation capability exceeds
requirements of many wireless communications standards,
including IS-97 A/98 A, J-STD- 018/19, and the CDG
Interoperability Tests.
• Unprecedented two channel capability for the most
integrated diversity receiver testing for applications such
as CDMA base station evaluation.
• Integrated instrument grade RF Power Meter provides
accurate RMS power measurements and C/N ratio settings.
• Optional built-in dual-tone Synthesizer makes it possible
to perform receiver testing under various CW interference
• Wide dynamic range output level control provides the means
for testing down to low carrier receive signal levels
without the need for external programmable attenuators.
• FLASH-memory based calibration constants specific to the
instrument enable output power levels and C/N ratios to be
set with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.
• TAS 4600A's modular architecture lets your test system
capabilities grow as your testing requirements grow. The
modular 4600A architecture lets you select the number of RF
channels and impairments required to fit both existing and
future testing applications.
• Standard dual-band RF modules completely address the
testing needs of both cellular and PCS applications in a
single instrument.
• Built-in configurations for industry-standard test procedures.
• GPIB and RS-232 control ports make it easy to include TAS
4600A in automatic test systems.
• Field-upgradable PCMCIA System Software Card allows quick
and easy access to the latest firmware revisions and features.

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This manual applies to the TAS 4600A, Version 2.00 and higher


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