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General Radio Company 1535-B Altro
General Radio Company
Modello: 1535-B
Data: 1964
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Altro
Descrizione: Contactor
                                    The Type 1535-B Contactor (Figure 1) is a control and
coupling device for synchronizing a stroboscope with a
rotary shaft so that motion can be observed as a function of
shaft angle. It is especially useful in the examination of
relatively low - speed machinery, with the Type 1532-D
Strobolume, in such applications as the timing of loom
shuttles and the adjustment of register in printing. It can
be used equally well with the Strobotad® electronic
stroboscope or with the combination of Strobotac and
Strobolux, at speeds up to 1000 rpm. For higher speeds the
Type 1536-A Photoelectric Pickoff should be used.

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