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Rohde & Schwarz AMIQ 1110.2003.03 Generatore
Rohde & Schwarz
Modello: AMIQ 1110.2003.03
Data: 1999
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Generatore
Descrizione: I/Q Modulation Generator
                                    AMIQ is a modulation source for complex baseband signals of
telecommunication networks. Two synchronous outputs, which
are matched to each
other, and a large memory together with wide analog
bandwidth make AMIQ suitable
for universal use.
AMIQ has been designed to generate I and Q signals in the
baseband for present and
future types of modulation. "I" stands for the in-phase
component, "Q" for the
quadrature component.
The data to be output by AMIQ are normally calculated by an
external workstation (eg
PC). To control this calculation, Rohde & Schwarz offers two
programs: WINIQSIM
and AMIQ Control, a Software for R&S vector signal Generator
SMIQ (see Section
"Software for AMIQ Control on page 1.8"). The desired
information data stream (eg a
piece of speech) is generated and a modulation mode
selected. Then various
interference and distortions (so-called impairments) are
superimposed to this (ideal)
baseband signal. Thus a long sequence of sample values is
obtained, which are
loaded into AMIQ (via floppy, IEC/IEEE bus or RS-232
interface). The sequence in
the AMIQ memory is then output as analog I and Q signals
with the aid of fast and
accurate D/A converters. The outputs are (normally)
connected to the modulation
inputs of an I/Q modulator (eg SMIQ), which modulates the
baseband signal onto the
desired RF 

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Operating Manual
The operating manual consisting of a data sheet and 10
chapters contains comprehensive informa-
tion on characteristics, putting into operation, operation
and remote control of AMIQ:
The data sheet
 informs about guaranteed specifications and characteristics.
Chapter 1
 describes the operating principle of AMIQ, control elements
and connectors on
the front and rear panel as well as all procedures required
for putting the instru-
ment into operation and integration into a test system.
Chapter 2
 details instrument control via the remote interfaces with
the aid of program ex-
Chapter 3
 presents control and display elements.
Chapter 4
 describes key operating modes and special characteristics
of AMIQ with refer-
ence to possible applications.
Chapter 5
 describes programming of AMIQ, command processing, status
reporting system
and characteristics of hardware interfaces.
Chapter 6
 describes the remote-control commands defined for the
instrument. At the end of
the chapter an alphabetical list of commands is given.
Chapter 7
 contains program examples for a number of typical
applications of AMIQ.
Chapter 8
 describes preventive maintenance.
Chapter 9
 gives hints on troubleshooting and contains a list of error
Chapter 10
 contains an index for the operating manual

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