Tektronix MTS300 Analyzer
MPEG Test System
The MTS300 MPEG Test System is a component of the Video Quality of Service (VQoS) products offered by Tektronix. The MTS300 system (see Figure 1--1) is a high-performance MPEG protocol diagnostic and analysis tool that provides you with innovative solutions to meet the challenges of designing, verifying, and characterizing products and systems using MPEG-2 technology. The MTS300 system offers powerful acquisition and computational capabilities for analyzing designs based on MPEG, DVB, ATSC, and ISDB standards. These flexible and expandable capabilities include real-time monitoring, data rate analysis, and Tektronix-exclusive timing analysis to help diagnose the most challenging problems and characterize real-time performance. NOTE. Refer to the MPEG-2, DVB, ATSC, and ISDB-S/ARIB standards for detailed information about the syntax and semantics of each system. The deferred-time (off-line) analysis provided by the MTS300 system helps you fully verify compliance to standards and diagnose problems in complex transport streams. Easy-to-use transport stream capture, playout, and on-line storage lets you build extensive suites of test streams, and then use these streams to exercise your designs. Additional stream editing capability, with error and jitter injection and real--time multiplexing, gives you the ability to create and playout test sequences that fully stress and characterize design parameters. Each test system can monitor up to two transport stream inputs simultaneously and accepts inputs in the following electrical formats: ASI/M2S (the test system automatically detects the format) SPI (LVDS parallel); available when you order the MTS3FLV upgrade DHEI (GI Digicipher II): available when you order the MTS3FDE upgrade SSI (SMPTE 310M); available when you order the MTS3FSS upgrade The MTS300 system was designed for the following applications: Evaluation and verification of MPEG, DVB, ATSC and ISDB designs Design and verification of digital-video set-top boxes (STBs) Stress and characterization of electrical circuits and ICs developed for products using MPEG-2 compressed digital-video technology Key Features The MTS300 system provides the following key features: Real-time monitoring and compliance testing of MPEG, DVB, ATSC and ISDB transport streams for complete application flexibility Dolby Digital AC--3 compliance testing and AAC stream monitoring for testing advanced audio capabilities Tektronix-exclusive PCR overall jitter, drift and offset measurements allow you to diagnose the most challenging real--time performance problems Real-time analysis of transport streams used in data broadcasting applications based on ISO/IEC 13818-6 (DSM-CC) and EN 301 192 standards Analysis of Mega-frame Initialization Packets (MIPs), specified in the DVB TS 101 191 standard Detailed off-line analysis of transport streams, program streams and elementary streams available to fully verify design performance Logging of user-selected analysis events to tab-delimited text files for record keeping and further analysis ASI/M2S, SPI (LVDS), SMPTE310M, and DHEI interfaces available to support a variety of design configurations SNMP agent allows you to control the instrument from a remote location Private syntax table editor allows you to describe the syntax of a private table Optional real-time multiplexing of elementary and transport streams provides flexible real-time manipulation of stream content and parameters Optional TMCC data testing and transport stream creation for ISDB environments Capture (manual and triggered), playback, and on-line storage of transport, program and elementary streams Optional editing capability allows you to create custom transport streams and inject errors or jitter to fully stress your design Modular architecture allows you to easily upgrade in the future Rackmount configuration kit included Microsoft NT operating system provides robust networking, performance and functionality


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This service manual is organized into the following sections: Specifications. This section contains a brief product description and lists the specification tables describing the performance characteristics of the MTS300 MPEG Test System. Operating Information. This section contains installation and operating information related to the servicing of the instrument. Theory of Operation. This section contains a description of how the MTS300 MPEG Test System operates to the level needed to perform module-level servicing of the instrument. Performance Verification. This section contains procedures to verify that the instrument is performing according to the specifications. Adjustment Procedures. This section contains procedures to adjust the instrument so that the instrument can perform according to the specifications. Maintenance. This section contains procedures for inspecting and cleaning the instrument, instructions for removing and replacing internal modules and components, procedures for troubleshooting the instrument, and other information useful for maintaining or repairing the instrument. Options. This section lists the options that may be installed in the instrument. Replaceable Electrical Parts. This section lists the replaceable electrical assemblies and components of the instrument. Diagrams. This section contains interconnect diagrams for the instrument. Replaceable Mechanical Parts. This section lists the replaceable mechanical assemblies and components of the instrument. Glossary. The Glossary contains definitions of new, uncommon, and/or unique terms used in this manual.


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