Boonton Electronic 93AD Multimètre numérique
True RMS Voltmeter


The Model 93AD furnishes true rms voltage measurements of sine, complex, pulse and random waveforms over a voltage range of 300 pV to 300 V, and a frequency range of 1 0 Hz to 20 MHz. With the dBm options, the overall range is -68 to 4^0 dBm, The exact dBm range will depend upon the reference impedance chosen. The digital display uses light-emitting diodes for clear, unambiguous readings* A small edge meter, calibrated in dB over a 12 dB range, is mounted beside the digital display. While this is useful for comparative dB readings, its major usefulness is for peaking or nulling indications, an application for which a digital display is usually found confusing» In addition to the 3—digits—plus—1 voltage readout, the LED display offers decimal point, over- and under-range indicators, mode (volts or dBm) and polarity (for dBm option instruments). The Model 93AD is designed for easy integration into external test systems; full BCD output (8,4,2, 1), using standard positive logic, TTL compatible, is supplied as standard. In addition to the BCD outputs, an analog output is furnished, supplying up to 10 volts dc for full-scale reading on each range with a linearity of ±0.3% of fs and a source resistance of = 5 Q. Command inputs are provided for remote control of all essential functions. Both bandwidth and response time of the instrument are selectable, either panel switched or remotely, to suit the measurement requirements. The input impedance of the 93AD as supplied is 2 MQ in parallel with 25 pF or less; a high-impedance Probe (Modei 93-1A) is available as an optional accessory. This Probe has an input impedance of 10 MQ in parallel with 11 .5 pF or less* The signal-input BNC connector, normally mounted on the front panel, may be mounted on the rear panel as an option (Model 93AD-08) to fit'a particular installation. Autoranging (Modei 93AD-0I) is another optional feature. The Model 93AD is of completely solid-state design, including the chopper; this contributes to the reliability, stability, light weight and compact size of the instrument. The chopper operates at 94 Hz, reducing the susceptibility to line-frequency-re I a ted fields and enhancing the low-noise quality of this design. The mechanical design of the 93AD is simple and rugged, with easy access provided to all components. The extensive use of Plug-In printed circuit board construction makes maintenance and adjustment relatively simple procedures. The sturdy bail provided serves as a comfortable carrying handle for the instrument, and as an adjustable mounting foot to tilt the case for easy viewing when it is at bench level.

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