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Biomation - K450B - Analyseur logique


The Gould/Biomation Model K450B Logic Analyzer (Figure 1-1) is a precision, high-performance test and development instrument. The K450B monitors and records digital input logic signals generated by the user’s external target system. The K450B provides 80 input channels at 100MHz, 40 input channels at 200MHz, and 20 input channels at400MHz. The 400MHz capability requires the use of an optional 400MHz Probe described in Appendix C. The optional 100 MHz State Probe is described in Appendix E. The K450B provides 10 ns resolution at 100 MHz, 5 ns resolution at 200 MHz, and 2.5 ns resolution at 400MHz. The K450B also provides sophisticated trigger schemes, a versaiiie ciock scheme, and a variety of data options. The user can rapidly examine and record addresses, data and control signals of ECL based systems, gate arrays, bit-slice processors and other high-speed microprocessors. The K450B control logic performs measurements on the input signals to correlate data/timing characteristics, accomplish comparisons, and capture data samples; the results are then recorded in memory. The measurement operations are screen-driven by resident firmware which is controlled by manipulating various keys on the Keyboard Panel. The screens allow the user to set up test conditions, capture the results of binary logic states via trace control for data-domain analysis and display pulse-train waveforms for time-domain analysis. The display screen presents the results of analysis for examination or modification by the user. The user-friendly control firmware generates the screens for selecting acquisition parameters and allows direct control over the acquisition process; furthermore, the control firmware displays and interprets the acquired data, and informs the user of current system status. Because the control firmware of the K450B is simple to use and versatile, the instrument is suitable for a variety of uses including laboratory software and hardware development, test engineering, and field-services testing. Trace Control* The K450B offers the user a screen-guided Trace Control* that is simple to use, and powerful. Trace levels can be rapidly set up using either the Auto Setup* feature or display menus and front panel keys. The flexibility of Trace Control is enhanced by a selection of commands that allow the user to select information to record. Data may be displayed in hexadecimal, octal, binary, ASCII, and EBCDIC format, or a user specified format. Auto Setup* The Auto Setup* feature identifies all active inputs and configures the Logic Analyzer to record and display circuit activity. Pressing the SHIFT key then the CLOCK key executes the Auto Setup, reducing setup time and simplifying operation. The K450B may interface to the user's system via rear panel connectors that provide IEEE-488 (GPIB)or RS-232-C communication linkages. The I/O Setup Screen allows the user to set up parameters and initiate transfer operations. The GPIB interface allows parallel transfer to setups and data between the K450B and the user's system. The communications parameters are programmable by the user to set up the following communication modes for the GPIB link. Talk Only Mode Listen Only Mode Talk and Listen Mode Transmit data and commands to a user's system. Receive data and commands from a user's system. Perform interactive two-way dialogue between the K450B and a user's system. The RS-232-C interface allows serial transfer of setups and data between the K450B and a user's device, such as printer, personal computer, or terminal. The I/O Setup Screen allows the user to specify conditions, such as baud rate, protocol, or word length, that are used to control the I/O communication.

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