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Sony KF-42WE610 TV
Modèle: KF-42WE610
Date: 2003
Catégorie: Audio, Vidéo, TV, Multimédia
Groupe: TV
Description: LCD Projection TV HD-Monitor
                                    Some of the features that you will enjoy with your new LCD
projection TV
❑ HD-Monitor: Enables to display the 1080i, 720p, 480p and
480i digital
TV format signals.
By using the HD/DVD IN jacks, you can connect a DTV (digital
television) Receiver to view DTV programs.
❑ DRC ® (Digital Reality Creation) Multifunction V1: Unlike
conventional line doublers, the DRC feature converts frames
every 1/60th of a second in real time, minimizing the blur
or ghost of the
motion images (for 480i signals only).
❑ CineMotion TM : Using the reverse 3-2 pull down
technology, the
CineMotion feature allows you to obtain a smooth picture
when playing back movies or other video sources on film.
❑ Twin View TM : Using Multi-Image Driver (MID-X), Twin View
you to watch two programs side by side with the ability to
zoom in on
one picture and listen to the program in the selected
window. You can
watch pictures from two different sources (1080i, 720p, 480p
or 480i)
❑ Memory Stick ® Picture Viewer: Allows you to view on your LCD
Projection TV screen digital images that are stored on
Memory Stick
❑ Parental Control: V-Chip technology allows parents to block
unsuitable programming for younger viewers.
❑ Digital Visual Interface (DVI-HDTV): Can accommodate a copy-
protected digital connection (HDCP * ) to other devices
(such as digital
set-top boxes) that have compatible interfaces. The DVI-HDTV
terminal is compliant with the EIA-861 standard and is not
intended for
use with personal computers.

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