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CBS Laboratories Audimax III Autre
CBS Laboratories
Modèle: Audimax III
Date: 1967
Catégorie: Radio et des communications
Groupe: Autre
Description: Automativ level control
                                    The new solid-state Audimax III, Model 444, like its companion piece, Volumax
is a tool to help the broadcaster achieve maximum program
power within appropriate modulation limits. Incorporating
all of the features of its famous predecessor, the Audimax III
also provides additional gain and versatility. Designed
for use wherever high quality automatic gain riding is required
Audimax ITT offers a unique method of audio control
for AM, FM, and 'IV Broadcasting, recording, motion
pictures and public address use.

Audimax III is the latest development in the unique
Audimax system of audio control developed by CBS Laboratories.
Applicable to all audio media, the Audimax is totally
different in concept from ordinary compressors, limiters
or ACCs. The Audimax acts like a highly capable studio
technician, but without many Human limitations. Valuable
in the studio, the Audimax is often more valuable outside,
away from controlled studio conditions. The ability of
the Audimax to act instantly and control audio levels
inte11igently frees engineers to cope with the many
Other problems of remote pick-ups.

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