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Zeiss LSM 510
Modèle: LSM 510
Date: 2006
Catégorie: Équipements médicaux et biomédicaux
Description: Laser Scanning Microscope,

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Notes on Device Safety
This section contains general notes on device safety, safe
operation, and possible hazards
caused by failure to observe the instructions.

LSM 510 and LSM 510 META - Setup Requirements
The Setup Requirements section outlines the installation and
supply requirements of the
LSM 510 and LSM 510 META Microscope Systems, together with
the relevant specifications.

Introduction to Laser Scanning Microscopy
Here you will find an introduction to Laser Scanning
Microscopy, with an explanation of the
principles of confocal imaging. The section also outlines
the ways to present LSM image series
in three dimensions, and introduces you to the performance
features of your LSM 510 or

Operation in Expert Mode
In the Operation section you will find the most important
steps and procedures of the
LSM menu structure. The step-by-step description how to get
an image will be shown by
typical application examples including the WINDOWS XP
graphic user environment.

VBA Programming for LSM

Routine Mode and Tools
This section contains a description of the Routine Mode for
scanning images using the
LSM scanning module and the use of the tools for setting the

3D for LSM 510 and LSM 510 META
This section contains a description of the LSM 3D software
package (basic program and add-
ons). At the same time, all functions and settings are
presented in a systematic form and in the
order in which they can be reached from the basic menu via
sub-menus and dialog boxes.

The annex contains the Application-specific Configurations,
special notes and information for
using the LSM microscope and the brochure The confocal Laser
Scanning Microscopy.

Multiphoton Laser Scanning Microscopy - Using the Zeiss LSM


Brief Operating Manual
This section contains the brief instructions of the LSM 510
and LSM 510 META Microscope

Laser safety warning labels

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