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Hewlett Packard 6216B Compteur de fréquence
Hewlett Packard
Modèle: 6216B
Date: 1982
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Compteur de fréquence
Description: DC Power Supply Bench Series

1 -2 This Power supply is completely transistorized and
suitable for either bench or relay rack operation. It is a
compact, well-regulated, Constant Voltage/Constant Current
supply that will furnish full rated output voltage at the
maximum rated output current or can be continuously adjusted
throughout the output range. The front panel CURRENT control
can be used to establish the output current limit (overload
or short circuit) when the supply is used as a constant
Voltage Source and the VOLTAGE controls can be used to
establish the voltage limit (ceiling) when the supply is
used as a constant Current source. The supply will
automatically crossover from constant voltage to constant
current operation and vice versa if the output current or
voltage exceeds these preset limits.

1-3 Either the positive or negative output terminal may be
grounded or the Power supply can be operated floating at up
to a maximum of 300 volts off ground.

1-4 A single meter is used to measure either output voltage
or output current in volts of mA. The voltage or current
range is selected by the METER SELECTION switch on the front

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