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Orban OPTIMOD-FM 8100A1 Effect Processor
Modèle: OPTIMOD-FM 8100A1
Date: 1990
Catégorie: Équipement de musique
Groupe: Effect Processor
                                    Function of OPTIMOD-FM: OPTIMOD-FM is an integrated
signal-processing system which replaces conventional
compressors, limiters, clippers, and stereo generators. Each
part of the OPTIMOD-FM system has been precisely engineered
to be compatible with all other parts to achieve optimum

OPTIMOD-FM should be fed unprocessed audio. NO OTHER AUDIO

Briefly, the OPTIMOD-FM system performs the following functions:

1.	It rides gain over a range of as much as 25dB,
compressing dynamic range and compensating for gain riding
errors on the part of operators. The amount of dynamic range
reduction ordinarily produced is adjustable. When OPTIMOD-FM
is operated with an optimum release time setting, gain
riding and compression are virtually undetectable because of
advanced program-controlled time constants and multiband

2.	It prevents aliasing distortion in the stereo generator
by means of bandwidth-limiting 15kHz lowpass filters. Full
overshoot compensation is provided for these filters.
OPTIMOD-FM thus provides extremely tight control over peak
modulation, preventing overmodulation and controlling the
baseband spectrum simultaneously.

3.	When OPTIMOD-FM's dual-band compressor is operated in
"independent" mode, OPTIMOD-FM can make audio quality more
consistent by correcting frequency balances between Bass and
midrange material. When operated in "wideband" mode,
OPTIMOD-FM will preserve frequency balances and will produce
an output which sounds almost precisely like its input.

4.	OPTIMOD-FM prevents peak overload and overmodulation due
to the effects of the FM preemphasis curve.

5.	OPTIMOD-FM generates a stereo baseband signal with
outstanding separation, low crosstalk, and vanishingly low
distortion and spurious components.

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This Manual is organized into two major sections. The first
contains information on


how to plan your installation, how OPTIMOD-FM interfaces
with other station equipment, how to set up and adjust
OPTIMOD-FM, how to do an in-system performance verification,
and brief comments on routine maintenance. You should read
Parts 1, 2, and 3 before attempting to install OPTIMOD-FM.

The second section contains Appendices which provide useful
information that you may need at some time during the life
of OPTIMOD-FM. This is primarily reference material, and you
do not need to digest it to install, set up, or operate your

There is no Index, so the TABLE OF CONTENTS should be used
to help you find the information you want. The TABLE OF
CONTENTS provides an overview of the organization of the
manual, and lists in some detail the topics discussed.

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