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Mirage Communication Equipment KP-2 / 70 Centimeter: Amplificateur
Mirage Communication Equipment
Modèle: KP-2 / 70 Centimeter:
Date: 1996
Catégorie: Radio et des communications
Groupe: Amplificateur
                                    This in-line GaAs-FET receive pre-amp provides high gain and
low noise
amplification for weak receive signals. The KP-2 also has
automatic RF-
switching, which disengages the pre-amp any time it detects a
transmission signal being emitted by the Transceiver.
The KP-2 pre-amp has an attenuator built into the circuit
which can be
selected by changing the position of a switch on the
internal circuit board.
This switch is set in the LOW level gain position at the
factory. This has
been included to prevent Receiver overloading and subsequent
intermodulation distortion that can come from very strong

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