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Geloso 4/102/V Autre
Modèle: 4/102/V
Catégorie: Radio et des communications
Groupe: Autre
Description: Unit Exciter VFO
                                    Permits excitation of two 807 or equivalent
tubes. Employs three tubes: a 6J5-GT « Clapp »
oscillator, a 6AU6 buffer-multiplier for the
10-, 15- and 20-meter band, and a 6L6-G
driver-multiplier for the same bands. Oscilla­tor tuning is
achieved by means of a variable
tuning condenser, the different sections of
which are switched in according to necessity.
Exact calibration is accomplished through
adjustment of the trimmer condensers and
the variable Inductances.
The plate tuning circuit of the driver has a
coil for each frequency range, adjustable to
the center of the frequency range in use. The
level produced by the driver may be adjusted
within certain limits by varying the voltage
applied to the screen grid of this tube 

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