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Maximillian Associates Vomax SBP-4 Autre
Maximillian Associates
Modèle: Vomax SBP-4
Catégorie: Radio et des communications
Groupe: Autre
Description: Speech Processor
                                    The Vomax SBP-4 is a sophisticated communication aid which
connects between your microphone and Transmitter. It will
give your signal a considerable boost by Increasing your
average or "talk" power output in relation to the peak power
level (PEP). The compression action i6 instantaneous, yet
the distortion of the process is low, typically around and
the device may therefore be left in circuit at all times.
Under adverse path conditions, effective gains in
readability of 10 db or more are often experienced.
Operation is foolproof due to the inclusion of a wide range
automatic gain control circuit which holds the audio signal
level constant at the optimum value for subsequent compression.

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