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Allied Radio R-55 Récepteur
Allied Radio
Modèle: R-55
Date: 1960
Catégorie: Radio et des communications
Groupe: Récepteur
Description: 5 Band Shortwave Receiver
                                    The new Knight-Kit R-55 is an outstanding general coverage
communications Receiver. Its up-to-date circuitry makes it
an excellent choice for the newcomers to ham radio,
shortwave fans, and technician licensees.

Tuning range is from 530 Kc to 36 me with a separate range
for the 6-meter Amateur band. All amateur bands from 80 to 6
meters have electrical bandspread individually calibrated to
read frequency directly in megacycles.

Deluxe features include—2 IF stages for high sensitivity and
good selectivity, 1650 Kc IF provides good image rejection,
AVC, an effective noise limiter, adjustable BFO for CW and
SSB reception, Antenna trimmer, flywheel tuning and a handy
Phone jack.

Whether you’re a beginning Ham or a shortwave listening fan
—the Knight-Kit R-55 will place a world of exciting
shortwave listening at your finger tips.

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Date: 01 janvier 1960
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