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Dentron DTR-1200L Amplificateur
Modèle: DTR-1200L
Catégorie: Radio et des communications
Groupe: Amplificateur
Description: Linear Amplifier
                                    The Dentron DTR-1200L linear Amplifier was designed to
provide legal power inputs in all modes lor the Amateur
Service, with a full compliment of controls and metering
functions. The unit is low profile with all-metal
construction and forced air cooling. Two ruggged but
economical 572-B trlodes are used in grounded grid to
deliver a full 1000 Watts DC input on CW, and 1200 Watts PEP
input on SSB. A Dual primary transformer allows for both
117V AC and 234V AC operation.

The DTR-1200L has an input Z matching network, thus making
It compatible with virtually any ex-citer. ALC is provided
for, with front panel adjustment. Front panel controls
include a linear bypass function, band-switching from 80-15
meters, and metering of plate voltage, plate current and
relative output with a switctiable illuminated Dual scale meter.

Your new DTR-120QL Amplifier meets or exceeds all FCC
specifications, and shares the same heritage as Ihe Other
Dentron amplifiers; modular design and careful attention to
craftsmanship and detail.

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Introduction ... 

Specifications ... - ... 

Theory of
Operation ... 

Cautions ... 

Instructions ... 

Installation ... 

Procedure ... 

Station Hookup
Diagram ... 

DTR-120QL Amp
Schematic ... 

DTR-1200L HV Supply
Schematic ... 

Transformer Installation

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