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Simpson 260-8 Multimètre analogique
Modèle: 260-8
Date: 2003
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Multimètre analogique
Description: Analog VOM
                                    When a Digital multimeter won't do.
Professionals have long recognized that a Simpson 260 analog
meter does many things that even the best DMM cannot do...or
cannot do as well, such as monitoring fluctuating trends and
The 260-8 has even more features than you've come to expect
from its predecessors. Standard and high energy fusing in
conjunction with diode network meter movement protection
makes the 260-8 the best combination of quality and
The 260-8P has an additional relay overload protection
circuit that is resettable and also provides audible
continuity checking.
♦ 36 Measurement Ranges- Covering both AC and DC Voltage and
Current measurements, as well as Resistance testing
Φ Connections Safeguarded- Standard size reverse/recessed
safety jacks prevent operator and/or tool contact with
electrical connections of the instrument
♦ Overload Protection- Diode network protects instrument
from overload damage during use (260-8P only)
Φ Rugged Construction- The Phenolic case is designed with
heavy reinforced walls for maximum durability;
self-shielding taut-band provides added shock resistance for
the meter movement

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