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WRL Electronics Globe V-10 Autre
WRL Electronics
Modèle: Globe V-10
Date: 1961
Catégorie: Radio et des communications
Groupe: Autre
Description: VFO Variable Frequency Oscillator

The V-10 consists basically of a seven band, electrically,
mechanically and thermally stable variable frequency
Oscillator to be used in conjunction with CW, AM, or SSB
transmitters. It provides a stable output for 160, 80, 40,
20, 15, 10, and 6 meters, covering all portions oi each band.


Considerable time and effort were spent in the engineering
of the V-10 to accomplish the most favorable arrangements of
electrical, mechanical, and thermal designs.

A modified Clapp Oscillator was chosen because of the series
tuned arrangement of the frequency determining circuits, in
which case small changes in input capacity of the tube will
have little or no effect on frequency. By using electron
coupling, frequency variations, due to output loading, were

All frequency determining components have been completely
enclosed in a separate compartment to isolate them from
drafts and sudden changes in temperature. The remotely
controlled band switch was also enclosed in this compartment
to provide short leads to the components it controls.

A sturdy, two section variable capacitor was used to provide
maximum band spread and stability on all bands.
Temperature compensation was used liberally to reduce
frequency drift during and after warm-up.

A cathode follower stage proceeding the Oscillator, isolates
the Oscillator from the buffer Amplifier, while the
broadband buffer Amplifier provides amplification and also
isolation from the Transmitter.

Voltage regulation is used in all voltage sensitive
circuits. The unit contains its own Power Supply, thereby
enabling it to be used with all types of equipment.

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VORWARD. . .  ... 2


1.	Introduction ... 3

2.	Design ... 3

3.	Equipment Complement ... 4

4.	Equipment Specifications ... 4


1.	Preliminary ... 5

2.	Pre-operational Check ... 5

A.	Description of Controls ...  . 5

B.	External Connections ...  . . 5

3.	Installation ... 7

4.	Operation ... 8


1.	Forward ... 9

2.	Alignment.  ... 9

3.	Service Aids

A.	Parts Identification Top ... 12

B.	Parts Identification Bottom ... 13

C.	Dial Stringing Drawing ... 14

D.	Parts List Schematic, Volume Chart ... 15

E.	Service Stations and Distributors ... ' . Inside

Back Cover

F.	Warranty ... Back Cover

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