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Ameritron QSK-5PC Autre
Modèle: QSK-5PC
Catégorie: Radio et des communications
Groupe: Autre
Description: T/R SWITCH PC BOARD
                                    The Ameritron QSK-5PC is a PIN diode QSK circuit board
designed for use in Ameritron's
AL-80A, AL-80B, AL-82, AL-1500 and AL-1200 amplifiers.
Ameritron can not assist
customers with the installation of the QSK-5PC in any
Amplifier Other than these five units. The
QSK-5PC is rated to carry the full power of these amplifiers
except on SSTV, RTTY and
PACKET. On these high duty cycle modes the QSK-5PC will
handle a maximum of 1000 watts
with a 5 minute on and two minute off duty cycle.
Ameritron also offers a "stand-alone" PIN diode QSK adapter
called the QSK-5. The QSK-5 is
an entirely self-supporting unit with an internal power
supply. The QSK-5 is the best choice for
applications where maximum convenience and flexibility is
desired. The QSK-5 connects to the
station equipment with standard connectors to facilitate
installation and remova

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