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Keithley 2700 Test Set
Modèle: 2700
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Test Set
Description: Multimeter/Data Acquisition/ Switch Systems
                                    Model 2700 features

Model 2700 is a 6 1/2-digit high-performance multimeter/data
acquisition system. It can v measure voltage (DC and AC),
current (DC and AC), resistance (2- and 4-wire), temperature
(thermocouple, thermistor, and 4-wire RTD), frequency and
period, and test continuity.

The Model 2700 has two slots that will accommodate Keithley
Model 7700 series switching modules (Table 1-1). Each
channel of a switching module that is closed or scanned is
measured by the Model 2700, For scanning, each channel can
have its own unique setup (i.e., function, range, digits, etc.).

More information on the measurement capabilities of the
Model 2700 is provided in - “DMM measurement capabilities,”
page 3-2. A connection guide for the Model 7700 is provided
in Appendix B, Specifications for the Model 2700 and 7700
switching module . are provided in Appendix A.

Additional features of Model 2700 include:

*	Setup storage — Six instrument setups (four user, *RST
defaults and factory defaults) can be saved and recalled.

•	Offset-compensated ohms — A two-measurement process for
4-wire ohms to cancel the effects of thermal EMFs. Available
for the 1Q0Ω, 1kΩ and lOkΩ ranges.

- Math — mX+b, percent, and reciprocal (1IX) calculations
provide mathematical manipulation of readings.

*	Relative — Null offsets or establish baseline values.

•	Ratio and channel average — Ratio and average calculations
for two switching module channels.

•	Buffer — Store up to 55,000 readings in the internal buffer.

» Limits — Two sets of high and low reading limits to test

•	Digital I/O port — Five digital limit test output lines to
control external circuitry. The digital trigger link and
hardware interlock input can also be accessed at this port.

•	Monitor — The Model 2700 can monitor a selected channel. A
scan can be triggered to start when the Monitor detects a
reached reading limit.

•	Remote Interface — Model 2700 can be controlled using the
IEEE-488 Interface (GPIB) or the RS-232 Interface.

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