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Leader provides two different options for Eye Pattern monitoring for the LV 5700A; Option 70 and Option 76. Option 70 represents our full-featured E

• KEYBOARD: C~C 61 Keys, Velocity, After Touch • CONTROLLERS: Joystick (X Asix: OSC/VCF FC Bend, + Y Axis: OSC Modulation, -Y Axis: VCF Modulat

General Features Battery powered or line powered Two rechargeable battery packs (second battery pack optional) Independently isolated channels

The Tektronix 492 and 496 are two spectrum analyzers that go where you go. Their compact size, light weight, and rugged design combine to offer unm

INTRODUCTION These receivers have been designed to fully comply with the ‘Performance Specification for al Purpose Receivers for Merchant Ships’

Machines of Class 15, central bobbin, for manufacturing purposes, are made in several varieties as described below. They can be driven either by mec