Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI TGR6000 Generator
Fast Sweep 6GHz RF Signal Generator
This fast sweep programmable RF Generator provides a synthesised low noise output over the frequency range 10MHz to 6000MHz and output level range -110dBm to +7dBm. The output amplitude and/or frequency can be swept over the full range of each in a single sweep. The instrument can be set up to perform two types of sweep. The first sweep type is a Step Sweep in which the start and stop conditions are defined, together with the number of points in the sweep, linear or logarithmic spacing between points, and a dwell time at each point. The other sweep type is a List Sweep in which up to 1000 points are defined in a sweep list, with the frequency, level and dwell time specified for each point. Both types of sweep can be free run or triggered by a Sweep Trigger from a variety of sources; in addition, a Point Trigger can also be defined for each individual step of the sweep. A rear panel SYNC output signal indicates when the output is stable, and can be user-programmed to be high or low. The output level can be adjusted to correct for external equipment frequency response using the TRIM function. The TRIM function consists of a user programmable list of up to 100 amplitude adjustment /frequency pairs. When turned on, the TRIM function adjusts the output level by an amount linearly interpolated between the frequencies specified in the list. The resultant output level is required to remain within the normal output level limits specified for the instrument; automatic testing is applied to ensure this and a warning is issued if the desired output violates this requirement. The instrument provides non-volatile storage for up to 12 instrument setups and up to 16 sweep lists. The instrument is remotely controllable via LAN, USB, RS232 or GPIB, all of which are simultaneously available.

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Introduction 2 Specification 3 EMC 7 Safety 8 Installation 9 Connections 9 Front Panel Connections 9 Rear Panel Connections 9 Manual Operation 11 General 11 Frequency and Level Setting 13 Step Sweep 13 List Sweep 14 Common Sweep Functions and Attributes 15 Trim 16 Factory Default Settings 17 Utilities 19 Store 19 Recall 19 Edit List Name 19 Set Edit Mode 19 Ref Socket 20 Interfaces 20 Buzzer 20 Power Up Mode 20 Version Info 20 Calibration 20 Remote Interface Operation 21 Address Selection, RS232 Baud Rate and LAN status 21 Remote/Local Operation 21 RS232 Interface 22 USB Interface 23 LAN Interface 23 GPIB Interface 25 Status Reporting 26 Power-on and Remote Operation Default Settings 29 Remote Commands 30 Remote Command Format 30 GPIB Remote Command Format 30 Command List 31 Maintenance 35

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