Información del equipo:

Hewlett Packard 5254B Otro
Hewlett Packard
Modelo: 5254B
Fecha: 1964
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Otro
Descripción: Frequency Converter
                                    The Hewlett-Packard Model 5254C Frequency Converter is a
Plug-In unit which extends the frequency measuring
capability of an HP Electronic Counter from . 15 to 3. 0 GHz
(150 MHz to 3000 MHz).

The stability and accuracy of the basic Counter are retained
by multiplying a 10-MHz signal, derived from the 1-MHz
internal tizne base of the counter, to 50 MHz and selecting
a harmonic frequency between 200 and 2950 MHz. This known
harmonic of 50 MHz is then heterodyned with the INPUT
signal. The resulting difference frequency, if between 1 MHz
and 53 MHz (bandwidth of Amplifier in plug-in) is counted
and displayed by the Counter. The frequency of the INPUT
signal is then indicated by the combination of the MIXING
FREQUENCY control (in gigahertz; front panel of plug-in) and
the digital display of the Counter (in megahertz).

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This manual applies directly to HP Model 5254C Frequency
Converter having serial prefix number 1124A.

MODELS 5254A & 5245B
This manual with information provided in Section VII also
applies to Model 5254B Frequency Converter having serial
prefix number 952-, 712-, 514-, 429-, and 415.

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