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Keithley 224 Fuente de corriente
Modelo: 224
Fecha: 1984
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Fuente de corriente
Descripción: Programmable Current Source
                                    The Model 224 is a programmable Current source with full
range current output of 20,uA to 101 mA. The smallest step of
output current is 5nA. The Model 224 has a selectable
voltage compliance of up to 105V in IV increments. The
value of output current can be modified in two ways: manually
or automatically. The automatically modified current value
is incremented or decremented by the programmed rate. The
time button allows the modification of the programmed auto
increment/decrement rate. The control of the current value
modification can be activated by an external trigger pulse applied
to the EXTERNAL TRIGGER INPUT. At the completion
of the current value modification (each digit) the Model 224
outputs a pulse that has the specifications shown in Figure
2-5. This pulse can be used to trigger another instrument
(printer, DMM, controller, etc.1 to start its programmed task.
With the Model 2243 IEEE-488 Interface option installed, the
Model 224 can be used with any measurement system that
uses ?he IEEE-488 bus. For detailed operating instructions of
the Model 2243 IEEE-488 Interface option, refer to the Model
2243 Instruction Manual

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