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Kenwood TS-700 Transceptor
Modelo: TS-700
Categoría: Radio, Comunicación
Grupo: Transceptor
Descripción: 2m All Mode Transceiver
                                    1.	A fully solid-state, all-mode amateur Transceiver, the
Model TS-700 provides high-quality communications on SSB,
FM, AM and CW in the 144-MHz band.

2.	It operates with Dual Power Supply, AC and DC, and is
designed for two duties—STATIONARY and MOBILE—with emphasis
on stationary duty.
3.	The TS-700 is a highly sophisticated amateur radio
Transceiver with the frequency coverage in two bands,

144	to 145 MHz, and 145 to 146 MHz, respectively. Also
included in the equipment are a built-in VFO circuit and an
additional provision for RPT operation with the frequency
coverage from 145 to 146 MHz for reception, and 144.4 to
145.4 MHz for transmission.

4.	A newly developed two-speed dial mechanism facilitates
tuning: MAIN TUNING knob (inner) for closer tuning covers a
change of 25 kHz by one complete rotation; QUICK (COARSE)
TUNING knob (outer) covers a change of 100 kHz similarly.
You can tune in quickly with pin-point accuracy—the feature
which will prove very useful in receiving single-sideband
(SSB) signals.

5.	MAIN DIAL is graduated to provide readings accurate to 1
kHz, presenting a circular (360 degrees) scale from zero to
100 kHz. SUB-DIAL is a similar scale graduated in intervals
of 50 kHz to cover a total range of 1 MHz for a complete

6.	A total of 11 fixed Oscillator circuits (to be loaded
with optional crystals) are provided: these selective
circuits are good for each of the two selective bands,

144	MHz and 145 MHz, so that you virtually have a total of
22 fixed channels, each for making available a certain
operating frequency and closely select the operating
frequency within the assigned band. Moreover, a
channel-in-use indicating device is included to tell you
visually which of the crystal-loaded channels is in service.

7.	A noise blanker (NB) circuit of the type adopted in many
Other HF products of our make and widely acknowledge for
excellent noise eliminating performance is included. Such
pulse signals as those coming from automotive ignition
systems are beautifully excluded from audio output.
8.	For improve FM-mode operation, a squelch circuit of noise
filter type is added to the FM unit.

9.	A Tuner which uses a voltage variable capacitor is built
in the Receiver RF stage to minimize cross-talk and spurious
interferences, and a high "Q" tuning circuit in the Antenna
input stage for excellent selectivity.
10.	A balanced-type mixer circuit based on the use of
field-effect transistors (FET) has been adopted for the
pre-mixer and heterodyne mixer. These mixers assure improved
rejection of spurious signals during transmission.

11.	The IF stage (SSB, AM, CW) is provided with a

6-element crystal filter. The use of wide-band and
narrow-band ceramic filters assures outstanding selectivity
during FM reception.

12.	The built-in RF gain control is of threshold type and,
as such, ensures an optimized S/N ratio at all times in
receiving SSB signals.

13.	Speaker output is free from distortion: this owes to the
amplifier-type AGC circuit. Signals transmitted are
accompanied by little or no splutter and free from
distortion: this owes to the advanced ALC circuit. The AGC
circuit comprises such time-constant elements that this
constant is "slow” in SSB mode but "fast" in FM, AM or CW mode.

14.	A marker signal circuit, operating with a high-precision
crystal Oscillator which runs at 1 MHz, is included to
enable you to calibrate the tuning dial extremely accurately
at the edge of a frequency band.

15.	The "S" meter is of our proprietary type. Its indication
does not go beyond and "over the scale" even when an
unusually intense signal comes in, as in FM-mode operation.
This property of the meter enables you to verify the FM
center frequency at the face of this meter.

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2-1.	Accessories

2-2.	Operating Location

2-3.	Power Supply Connection

2-4.	Antenna Connection

2-5.	Microphone

2-6.	Sending Key

2-7.	External Speaker Connection

2-8.	Vox Connector

2-9.	Mic Hook


3-1.	Front Panel Controls

3-2.	Rear Panel Controls


4-1.	Preparation 4-2.	Receiver Tuning 4-3.	Transmitter
Tuning 4-4.	RPT Operation

4-5.	Push-To-Talk Operation

4-6.	Operation With Fixed Channels

4-7.	Mobile Operation With External DC Power Supply

4-8.	RIT (Receiver Incremental Tuning)

4-9.	Reading The Frequencies

4-10.	Frequency Calibration


5-1.	Block Diagram

5-2.	Unitized Circuits

6.	ALIGNMENT  ...  20


TOP & BOTTOM VIEW OF THE TS-700  ...  22


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