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Philips Medical Systems M3000A Sistema de monitoreo
Philips Medical Systems
Modelo: M3000A
Fecha: 2005
Categoría: Equipo Médico y Biomédico
Grupo: Sistema de monitoreo
Descripción: Measurement Server

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Fecha: 01 marzo 2005
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This Service Guide contains technical details on the
Monitor, Measurement Server and Measurement Server Extensions.
The purpose of this book is to provide a technical
foundation for the Monitoring System in order to support
effective troubleshooting and repair. The book is not
intended to be a comprehensive, in-depth explanation of the
product architecture or technical implementation.
Rather, it is developed to offer enough information on the
functions and operations of the monitoring systems so that
engineers who repair them are better able to understand how
they work.
It covers the physiological measurements that the products
are designed to provide, the Measurement Server that
acquires those measurements, and the Monitoring System that
displays them.

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