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Fluke Y5020 Fuente de alimentación
Modelo: Y5020
Fecha: 1979
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Fuente de alimentación
Descripción: Current Shunt

The Model Y5020 is a precision, four-terminal, current
shunt designed for use in calibrating ac/dc current sources
in the range of 0 to 20 amps, do to 5 kHz. The shunt is
housed in a forced-air cooled, PTI (Portable Test
Instrument) case. This case is compatible with all
instruments in the Fluke PTI product line and can be
stacked with other PTI products to form a portable test
Forced-air cooling is accomplished by a fan mounted on
the rear panel. Air is pulled in through the fan, passed over
the shunt, and exhausted through the rear panel. Power for
the fan is derived from the power line. Two voltage
configurations are available, 115 or 230V ac ±10%, 50 to
60 Hz.
Four front panel terminals provide electrical access to the
shunt; two are current input terminals and two are voltage
output (sense) terminals. When the shunt is connected into
a circuit and operating at its maximum current limit (20
amps), the input connections and the shunt present a
burden voltage of less than 0.25V dc.

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