Información del equipo:

JBL 5600-2B Amplificador
Modelo: 5600-2B
Fecha: 1977
Categoría: Equipo de música profesional
Grupo: Amplificador
Descripción: Mixer / Preamplifier
                                    he JBL 5600-2B is a solid-state mixer/preamplifier capable   of combining four Microphone and two program channels. It can be expanded to six Microphone and two program inputs, and any Microphone channel may be converted to a program channel by installing optional plug-in accessories. The unit features controls designed for ease of operation, wide dynamic range, extended frequency response, very low noise and low distortion.  Each Microphone channel is an unbalanced high impedance , input, and can be converted to accept a low impedance Microphone by insertion of a 5901 accessory transformer in a socket provided for that purpose. Two Microphone channels can be added by installing the 5190B Microphone preamp expander module on the main chassis of the Mixer. The two added Microphone channels have the same performance characteristics and will accept the same accessories as the original Microphone inputs. Installation of the expander is simple, since the audio output and power connections are routed through a single five-pin plug, and labeled cutouts for the added Microphone level controls are concealed behind a removable plate at the upper left-hand corner of the front panel. Input to each Microphone channel is through a three-pin female XLR receptacle.

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Fecha: 01 enero 1977
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